This was my coast vacay after a long and miraculous 2018 and 13 years later. The last time I was in coast, I was in standard 8 at Bidii Primary School in Buruburu. We used the old train, third class which broke down at night. In the middle of the trip, I remember some women carrying chicken and children smelling urine entering and standing over our heads. Guess that could be part of the reason this trip happened 13 years later. That and the beach boys experience who tried to pull us into the water with our floaters and do whatever God knows what… oi! But our teacher Mr.Omondi, would swim vigorously and bulldoze them away. Public beaches stopped being my forte.

So 2018. If you know my story… read(Faith gone to gym) on this blog….then you know that walking on the sand shores is a sure double blessed assurance for me… The walking part first and of course, the water brushing beneath my feet.

We decided to explore Kilifi but mainly for the purpose of attending the Kilifi New Year’s Festival Event which was quite a cost by the way, especially if purchasing the ticket last minute.

A little background to the story is that we were to go with some other friends but the organizer was soooo sloppy that all people except two only ended up booking the trip whereas the rest just opted out. Of course, I was one of the two. My friend and I hurriedly rushed to and there is where we got to get Bofa Beach Resort, for a fair bargain of course. I had booked a flight prior, coz you know how they usually get finished and moreso because of my back and knee problem hence couldn’t do SGR or bus… so there was no way I wasn’t going ooh.

Nway, we arrived safely and the adventure began. From swimming and photoshoots at the beach in Kilifi to the Joho funded event at Mombasa Sports club (bummer coz people of County 001 are the ones who got wind of the free ticket wave, the rest of us like of county 047 & the likes just lipad without knowing…)

The best part of the event was @Sautisol… Waaa baibe… Those guys are super talented.,, I was proud to call them Kenyan. They came with their live band and performed some twisted renditions of their songs that made them come out in the most spectacular way. It was worth a 1000 New Years just listening to them as they closed down the show at about 4am…. with energy and gusto that was enough to properly push someone flying gleefully into the new year. We were all so wowed and satisfied by the performance. It got me thinking how much effort one should put into their talent in order to refine it.

They say, it takes a minimum of 10000 hours to become world class in a certain skill… but I think it might take half a life time to properly be a pro at it, I’ll say.

Next was Mombasa Gp-Karting the following day as we enjoyed some tikka chicken seasoned in a way that would get our imaginary tails wagging and then out to Danka lounge in the evening. An incident happened here, whereby one of our guy friends danced with another chic, who was apparently drunk and dancing with everyone. Thereafter, she became utterly disoriented when he left her to go have a seat. Her eyes were fixated on him in a mystical endless stare. It was like she was going to literally grab him with her eyes. Shortly after, we left the venue and from the balcony we could all see as the mysterious madam continued to starkly stare at our friend with an utter dismissal spirit enthralling her. Seems she wanted him for keeps yet they were not even well acquainted.  No tense, this is coast and anything can happen in coast, especially the weird things. We walked briskly to the car hoping her eyes didn’t follow us home. Hee.

Danka Grill and lounge

The following day was market day at Nyali where we got some acharies (dried mangoes), mabuyu and dera. Enroute Nyali from Kilifi, we passed by the road entrance of vipingo villas where we were told the “Who and who’s of Kenya and the world,” owned property and usually came to relax. Some usually landed in helicopters. You know, there’s that life too. Some day……

We came back and went to a public beach, which wasn’t so fancy coz it was not so clean and was also a bit overcrowded which made the shy people not comfortable to swim. There was a baby confidently walking naked along the beach though. It was fun filled freedom for him as he ran around the beach then towards the water immersing himself in the shallow shoreline.

Either way, in every weird thing there’s a good thing if you look deeper into it, and as you can already predit, Mombasa is the land of surprises. So hungry were we that we decided to look for some food there at the beach chill out spots of course under makuti and on wooden tables whose stands have been engulfed in sand.

We got the most amazing experience as we were introduced to Blue Parrot fish which turned out to be a splendid delicacy but also a surprise as none of us had ever seen or heard of it. The manner in which the local restaurant prepared it, dry with deep seasoning and marination, I tell you, our taste buds are the ones to narrate the feeling accurately.

Our taita host narrated to us an interesting story of Wadigo. Actually, it was her and the taxi driver. They told us ‘huwa wanawazungushia wanaume’ hadi hawarudi Nairobi. The taxi driver declined the process to have a hypnotic effect, but all of us were like, how now? How do you go to the coast and just refuse to completely come back to Nairobi, not looking left or right as you rush to your woman every evening from work, straight without looking left or right. Vituko vya Mombasa ni vingi. Jitahadharishe usiende ukazungushiwa. Hahaha.

Aye, what happens in Coast, stays in Coast.


After the sun and times, sand and delicacies, events and intricacies, tales and tides, it was time again to return to Nairobi- cool waters, where unajitega ukiamka because of the overly busy days that usually lies ahead!!! Hahaha, so surreal by the way. No puns intended.

Background song: Nandi Nongeshe.

Muthoni Kirumba.


This is a beach hamper from @zolaafrique which I really wish I had during my Mombasa trip. It consists of a vintage chest box, sheet mask, Body mist, sea tox sea salt, Beach bath and body works shea butter and rayban shades.



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