For fashion is nothing less than art.

We decided to feature this collection amidst creative and colorful walls to bring out that very aspect.

Enjoy the collection and you can get the pieces @zolaafrique on insta.

African bomber jacket

Yes of course, blue goes with green

Cool, calm & composed abi!!! :*

Hi please…

Photography: (la_elegance_photography) by Maxwell

These maroon boots can slay some people even… hahah

Mawazo za mwana jamani eee…

Suggestive look as always….

Not my fault am this pretty,,,

Excuse me miss, can I take you out tonight….

Photography by Mwandawiro Mwalumah

Mini – Poetic trance…

She was art on a wall
Beautiful she was
Caressed by it’s embrace
She always matched the tempo
Engulfed in color
Her contrast was unique
Fashion was her talent
Style her hobby
Beauty her pride
Kenyan bae
Even the walls admire her
Kenyan girl…
You are like art on a wall you know
Your walk and stride
Your creativity
Your composure
Your witty eyes
Be careful coz they might frame you
Yet you are still young & wild
Blooming freely on the sunny plains
Wishing for beyond & yonder
Wishing to pass by disguised
But never wishing to dry
Only to fly
Fair lady, fair maam’
African beauty
African art
Art on a wall…

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