Aye, No better way than the Hemingways

I wouldn’t do it any other way other than the Hemingways.

I have Always wanted to visit this classy restaurant just because of its name. (Guys the name you give your business matters a lot. Oh, and the name you give your children as well. Remember ‘nyakemincha?’ 😮 It means last in kisii and the school became last in KCSE one time).
On Sunday after church, me and my blue shoes got the opportunity to do so. I had never been there before so one of my misconceptions was how the food would taste. You know the way you visit a big restaurant and think, oh am gonna pay a lot of money for food which doesn’t even taste good? I would even rather just go to Kenchic and eat fries and chicken which would cost me over 10 times less and I would be sure it would be tasty. Am speaking from experience, because one time we went to a three star hotel and just because it was three star I immediately assumed that all the food we would order would be great because of the prices we were going to pay. It was a new hotel in town. I had never tasted prawns and though, ‘this is my opportunity’.Well, my prawns were not fresh and the worst food to eat when not fresh is sea food. One of us ordered fish and complained it was too small and of course not well done. See you can pull some tricks on the rooms or activities in a hotel or safari but never with the food. People will always know when food is not quality or up to standard.
Back to hemingways. Greeted by a welcome we were escorted to our seats and for the ladies, our seats were pulled back for us.Did you read that. Let me rewrite- ‘our seats were pulled back.’ (Seems like I shall be repeating myself a lot in this particular article). I immediately wished I had a boyfriend who was such a gentleman; but am single so there is still hope. Haha. Want to know what he did next? He put the lap bib on our laps. #newbornbabytreatment. Again, I thought of my future boyfriend and how a gentleman he would be especially when we would be married and I would be expectant with my first child. Yes, I totally zone off.
So the waiters here introduce themselves. Hi am …..’ and I will be attending to you today. How courteous, I thought. Wait then he went, “ As I bring the menus would you like some water to begin?” Even if you did not desire any water, you find yourself saying YES. So we all said Yes. Sparkling or still? We requested both. No sooner had we finished than the water was brought in those cool bottles I once saw at the Villa Rosa Kempinsky, and he poured into our glasses.
Yes, we still read the menu from right to left. Some Pan seared “Watamu” Tuna steak for me, Whole Tandoori Spring chicken, Grilled pork chops and Thai red curry chicken with rice for the rest of the squad. My drink was the passionate kiss. We also had hemingways treat and Guava sour. Hear the names on this menu? They were truly well thought off. When the food came, it was fresh and tasted fantastic. So all my worries were swept away. Everyone’s food was great and it was in a substancial amount. Some of us could not even finish and check out their packing bags:

We sat admist a beautiful multifountain and some children passed by mentioning the names of the animals. The serenity of the ambience complemented the delicacies.
Hemingways, we had a great experience and I will be coming back but this time for an exclusive. Am I welcome to know more of your ways? (Hehehe get it people? Get it?)


Thequotistke: What applies to most of the people most of the time does not apply to all of the people ll of the time.

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