Bringing maasai shuka back, with a bang!!!

These maasai shuka throw-ons serve as amazing outfits for your Saturday hangout.

The maasai shuka has since evolved and has come out in many different colors and mixes…

Some of the new color endowments are pink, purple, green and blue.

These throw-ons are the most perfect designs I have seen lately in the market and are from the Scentwise Creations fashion house. When designing with the original maasai shuka, we make it a bit lose but fitting at the same time as the fabric is not the stretchy type.

They have been embraced and bought by quite a number of people as they embody a lot of advantages including:

  • Multi-purpose wear
  • Affordable
  • Great finish
  • Fun buttons
  • Stylish
  • Warm
  • Chic
  • E.t.cMost of our clients have actually not only gotten one, but two and above plus it is also an amazing gift for a friend or loved one.

Most of the time we custom-make them from scratch so if you desire your order please contact us at least 2 weeks before purchase. Cost: Only Kshs.2500 but for two and above each is Kshs.2000 each. Great price and offers, no?

Also, we have started a movement tagged #bringmaasaishukabacktokenya and #bringmaasaishukabacktoafrica owing to the story that happened one time not so long ago (2012 actually) when Lui Vuitton included the maasai shuka in it’s collection while here we were not even thinking of the idea or valuing it. To some extent we still aren’t doing our part. Well @scentwisecreations takes up the mantle and soon the world shall notice. Soon the world shall see greatness.

They almost went to the extent of patenting it since no one has claimed rights. Remember there is the maasai shuka original fabric and the print which can be replicated. The original used to be red and black but today, there are actually many more colors like purple/black/white or red/blue or pink/black as I had earlier mentioned. –See some below.

Here is one of the links of the Lui Vuitton story:

Looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy.

Starrings: Winnie Mwea and Muthoni Kirumba

Pair the maasai shukas with a short dress and comfortable rubber shoes or a vest, jeans and sandals and you are set to go.

Photography: @pearl_studios Makeup: grace_wamwitha_artistry both on instagram.

So lets bring maasai shuka back to Kenya. yay.

Muthoni Kirumba.

P.S. Click on these hashtags on instagram to see our amazing and latest maasai shuka designs:

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