My Journey

Crazy woman with crossed eyes drinking wine through a straw

How I did it !!!

Congratulations at whatever point you have reached with your author journey. I know that it’s challenging as much as it’s exciting, but am so proud you have chosen to express yourself in this way while at the same time impacting the world. Photograph by: Mwalumah Joseph Am a self-published author
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Italy- (Bologna, Vignola)

Bologna sounds like a pasta name right? A-a-a-h, maybe it’s just me. Bologna Jazz Fest   This is my third time to participate is an EU Erasmus plus program projects. I have been to Slovenia- a small country in Europe with approximately 2million people, Uganda for a final project spearheaded
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13 years later

This was my coast vacay after a long and miraculous 2018 and 13 years later. The last time I was in coast, I was in standard 8 at Bidii Primary School in Buruburu. We used the old train, third class which broke down at night. In the middle of the
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Max the mad chimp

Max took the stones and was about to throw them at us when the tour guide asked if any of us had a sweet. Fortunately one of us had a lollipop and had to surrender their sweetness. “Lete mawe Max, lete,” He commanded Max as he showed him the lollipop.
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This time it was 3 weeks. Well, it was two weeks which extended to three weeks. I was there for business,,,. You might want to check out my gift shop on insta @zolaafrique creations : D Either way still had some fun. From Ferraris, to rain room in Sharjah. Need
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