Razzmatazz - that was the word of the day at our early birds toastmasters club meeting today! Wanna know what it means? Google my fren' haha! “Toastmasters international – have you heard of it?” I asked my courteous Uber driver as he drove me to the venue while implying how
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Visages of Nairobi

We reach the junction between Central Park and the car park opposite GPO after the long walk from the Heron Portico hotel where we had a doctors' training seminar. It’s usually quite challenging to cross that road because it is at the roundabout and cars are moving fast, taking sharp
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With this blog post I begin my creative juices segment. Get ready to laugh, be enticed and inspired of course as inspiration is the basis of my brand. Let's dig in yassss?   There are problems and THERE ARE PROBLEMS ~Based on a true story Wailing.Wailing loudly. Not just loud,
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