This time it was 3 weeks. Well, it was two weeks which extended to three weeks. I was there for business,,,. You might want to check out my gift shop on insta @zolaafrique creations : D

Either way still had some fun. From Ferraris, to rain room in Sharjah. Need to post that on insta, sijapost bado haki.

Dubai is a city that engulfs one in its awesomeness. It is a tourist nation. I was there specifically for the Dubai Shopping festival. Yes, I did shop till I dropped. We were preparing for valentines as the gift shop. Again, do check @zolaafrique creations on insta. You shall be amazed. Now on this note, there were discounts between (25 to 75)% on many items and yet I found a simple shoe with a 70% discount at the mall and it was still Kshs.74000 bob, about 2643 Dirhams. That’s Dubai for you, mi nilishawacha kushtuka shtuk shtuk.

We ate at Wendys and Tim Hortons but sorry, nothing too special about it. The donout of Tim Hortons had so much sukari waa, with white chocolate in it after chocolate on top already. Errrm and am a sweet tooth but it was too much sugar for me too. Broccolli- their pasta was nice and pizza too. Then there’s another pizza place nishasahau. Anyway, at the end of the day, ka we ni mtu wa gwaci, we tu ni mtu wa gwaci 😀 😀 Thank God I was being hosted by the most wonderful, most beautiful Kenyan family in Dubai so I got to eat some githeri and the likes but still came back to Kenya GMOed hahah.

Now get this, this is my second time in Dubai, am inlove with the Burj Khalifa- tallest building in the world, captures me each time but currently, but I have never climbed it. Nkt. Time goes by so fast when you travel, you might not even get time to do what you truly love especially if you are there for work. Anyways, I love my work so much and that’s the other upside of things.

Friday, which happens to be a Sunday in Dubai, was the last day I was there. We went to Jumeirah beach to chill. I could however smell the airport from the beach. My mind was on exit mode, because it needed to be. I felt Nolstagic leaving because my hosts were too nice to me. I almost cried walahhi. Had them balancing tears. Anyways, in what was like 2 seconds I was at the airport Nairobi bound. Direct flight Kenya Airways. I changed from RwandAir which had quite a queer route.  Nairobi-Kigali-Mombasa then Dubai.

Immediately I got into KQ, I felt like I was home. See what is made in Kenya just feels Kenya. I felt that pride of Africa yawa. Kubonga sheng. Kuitisha maji kwa broken Swahili. Halafu fruits ambazo hazijaGMOiwa. Yaaniii. Then nilimeet yule neighbor wa long goes who used to fukuza us around the estate with a ding’oing’o. We even met in Dubai and happened to be going with the same flight. The attendant just laughed when I said what he used to do. Yet now he is a pilot -thee ironies.

Its good to be frank. It wasn’t all diamond and roses. I got unwell with sorethroat and my eye got swollen. My eye has never gotten swollen. I didn’t inform my family members concerning the latter as I did not want to worry them. I also did not get time to see the doctor once more because time was running out and I had tasks to complete. When I came home again, I was diagnosed with amoeba, and the meds almost finished me with nausea, drowsiness and lack of appetite. I go to AgaKhan hospital and the student doctor ticks for me the wrong tests to be done. Yaani…. but God is great. Eating mangoes as we speak. Am well and counting the greatest blessing, good health.

The photos might express a bit more of the fun I had. As for the werrrrk part, again @zolaafrique on insta. Stori refu tuwachie baba basi. Hahaha. #Dubae



Am wearing a burgundy Lipsy brand dress: Kshs. 9999 only @zolaafrique creations.

Rolls Royce versus bentley (says this while wearing shades, also proclaiming)…



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