City of the sun. Beautiful is an understatement. Dubai was utterly breathtaking to me especially at night when it was all lit… Listen, the city literally makes love to you in the very break of night.

There are kind people in the world. One of our friends’ cousin who has worked in Dubai for over ten years had offered to pick us up at the airport and drop us off at the hotel where we were to stay. We prepped ourselves and he was kind enough to take us for a brief tour at the great Dubai mall where we were able to witness the eye-catching presence of the great Burj Khalifa- tallest tower in the world holding 163 floors. It overtook the Willis tower in Chicago on its completion which held 110 floors. Coincidentally, they were both designed by the same architect Adrian Smith, who is working on yet another interesting project in Saudi Arabia- the great Jeddah towers; expected to overtake the Burj Khalifa in its glorious height.

But for now, the Burj is still the truth. I assure you that building spoke to me. It stood there with much splendor and authority, towering over the city. Its architecture was simple but captivating. Below it, what came to be my most amazing sight to witness in Dubai- the dancing fountains. Background music was played as they swished in sheer uniform from side to side matching the set music. It was absolutely romantic.

In the midst of it, it dashed its springs almost 5 meters into the air. Then, they swirled and moved speedily in an oval path towards us. It was too amazing, I cannot fully express the experience. At some point we even stopped taking videos and just watched the fountains as they performed their act. We were all in standing ovation of its awesome rendition. We were immersed in its magical symphony and with that courteous arrest we were welcomed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and we fully comprehended our arrival. It was going to be a fantastic stay, rest assured.

Ensure you choose a bed and breakfast hotel. The breakfast will surely hold your hanger pangs for the rest of the day and you will even save costs on buying food. That is if you are on a modest budget.

UniqueMK is inside Movenpick Hotel, Dubai

The next day we were out and about shopping, and we did find some affordable things to purchase esp. souvenirs. Dubai has stores of 1 to 10, 10 to 19 Dirhams upto night to night where they close at 1pm… so shopping was our main activity since we were ladies. We also got the opportunity to be endowed by numerous exclusive brand stores available from Pierre Cardin-fashion stores to renown watch brand designers such as Pierre Martin.

During the day we went on the desert safari expedition. Big land cruiser prados picked us up and drove us vigorously in the sand dunes. That was the most exciting part. One minute we were on top of the sand dune, the other we were beneath. Within the desert there are other activities like camel riding but because it was new year season, there were so many tourists so the lines were quite long. We took photos as we waited for the night where there were performances of belly dancing and other shows… like an interesting guy who rotates as his clothes change in color. We were in the desert till late in the night, so when we got back to the hotel we just rested.

The next day we did more shopping as we awaited the dhow cruise in the evening. We got the opportunity to visit gold souk where they measure gold in carats and there we even saw the biggest gold ring in the world.

The cruise was beautiful as the boats colorfully floated in the water.

UniqueMK is donning an attire from Zola Afrique Creations

Day three we used the Dubai trans to go to the Jumeirah beach. The beach was so clean. We basked joyfully in the sun as we positioned ourselves where the Ferris wheel was so that we get to capture it in our photos. Ladies will never cease to amaze when it comes to photo sessions.

Y’all know I like dancing, love actually, so I couldn’t help to pop some exclusive moves on the beach 😀

Along our walk towards the beach, we were astounded by the presence of a Ferrari and Bentley swiftly pass on the sparkling clean streets. Am sure the Rolls Royce was just around the corner, gleaming, awaiting for its grand entrance. Luxury cars are just spectacular machines.

Where we went out at night; Cielo lounge for ladies night, which we had reserved while in Nairobi, then club-hopped to Kiza-Dubai for some African music and dancing.

Cielo lounge

Now Dubai is the ultimate tourist destination. One cannot complete the activities. From visiting the great Burj Khalifa and only acclaimed 7-star hotel in the world- Burj al Arab. You can do sky diving or even just even climb the helicopter to view the Palm Jumeirah man-made constructed beach. There’s a lot of sight-seeing and photo taking in Dubai because they host too many beautiful architectures and natural resources- the largest aquarium in the world, the biggest screen on earth right inside Dubai mall, the most humongous frame in the universe and other great things.
I cannot forget the amazing fireworks during new years which was one of the reason we went to Dubai during the new years season. With the excellent and awesome company I had, it makes things just perfect. We witnessed the spectacular Burj al Arab fireworks. People line in the streets and stand on top of the cars just to get a clear view. The Burj Khalifa this year did laser lighting, which was also super-amazing and landed a record in the Guinness book of records.They are the trendsetters not the naysayers…. I admire.

You can swim with the dolphins, go on the rollercoaster, have dinner in the sky; there is too much fun in this city one wonders when and how the students learn or people work.

You can go to Abu Dhabi Ferrari world or the wadi wadi as I like to call it or wild wadi as others prefer to experience crazy roller coaster fun.

This was our resolve on our last day in Dubai, that we would definitely come back.We did not have anything near enough in the city of the sun. Mentioning this phrase, thank God we visited this place during winter as this meant we did not bake properly in the sun.

This is (JBR;-Jumeirah Beach Residence)…yer like the people who live here originated from the beach 😀 😀 You can see that truly, the streets are sparkling (zimeoshwa na omo) 😀

Of course, Sky scrapers are a norm here…

Dubai my love, if you were a guy and proposed, l would say ‘Yes’. Now you’re just a ‘great’ city and still l say ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ again.

Visit Dubai, you will love it.

Xoxo, Muthoni K

P.S Just by tharr way:

Ukiwa mwafrika tena uende abroad na braids or afro-kinky; expect people to stare and random people to stop you all over to take pics. In the supermarket, on the streets, in the mall, at the airports as you await your connecting flight. Remember, some of them have only seen you in the movies, so you can have your 2 seconds of fame. Let me just tell you what I was asked by a lady from India during desert safari and what my friend was asked as well on the Dubai trans line as we picked our cards- referring to my braids with blue ends in the photos on this blog – “Hey, is that your hair? Do you do that every day? as in braiding?” My friend was asked how many months she took to braid hers akawaambia 2hours- Coz Kenyatta market you know how it’s done right? 5 people on your head and you’re done; haha. Anyway, be ready for this experience as you travel too fellow African.

DISCLAIMER: Be careful of your items when you travel and always be cautious of your environment. One of my friends lost one of their slipper. I also lost one of my maasai sandals like I have one side in Kenya, the other is in Dubai. I also lost my yellow fever card but they are not required in Dubai anyway, so I was able to get back into Kenya. I also almost left my purse at the airport. Just TKr. a lot with regard to this loves. It gets confusing with the whole hustle and bustle, not to mention how big DXB was, so big we used a train inside the airport to get to our next station.

I cannot type more on my Dubai experience on this blog post as it will never end. It was too amazing and we thank God for the safe journey. Do stay tuned for part 2 because am sure I will be visiting the city of the sun again.



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