Feeling young always

This is my ‘feel young again’ outfit or is it feel young always? Am gonna go with feel young always. Am already young so you can imagine how old I feel. I feel sweet 16. What is the essence of feeling young again you ask?

One – you tap into your youthfulness and get inspired/motivated/adrenalized to do things in a fresh, fun much more vibrant way. Sometimes it’s good to see things in a different lens but you need to take yourself to that place. You need to feel it to see it.

Truth be told there is a child in all of us and sometimes it is good to let her/him out. The dad who dances when he finds his kids have put on some funky music, the mum who plays soccer in the backyard with her 2 sons and young baby girl, the boss who spices up the board meetings, the president who was also a Dj (Andry Rajoelina, now 41 -Madagascars president till 2014: From the nightclub decks to the highest political post in his country. He was 34 when he became president), the cool grandfather who cracks some jokes to his grandkids they go…. ;’aaaaah’- grandpa, we didn’t even know you had it in you,,,whaaaat’ then grandma gives it a jig.

We all need a lil’ bit of young in our lives. I bet ‘earnest and young’ would most definitely agree no? 😀 lol #lamejokes


*That Chicago bulls kinda girl…yolo.* (***Thinking of a Kikuyu pronouncing chicago bulls 😀 😀 :D).

Numero 23 is for ———————-

My shoot is by the beautiful waterfall @Oloolosekun Karen, Nairobi.
Photographer: Mwalumah +254 710 651 404

The Quotistke: Do something for the child in you everyday.


Muthoni Kirumba.

Muthoni Kirumba

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