How did I give birth to my first baby

You’re right. I write at night. At night when there is prime silence, when you can hear a nail drop, that is when the finest forms of art ensues. Ask any artist when their art antennas are most alert…

I know of a sikh painter who would paint 5 hours into the deep night and the masterpieces he   brought out were just …. mmmh

They were the type that one would have to ponder harder to comprehend.
So a bigger part of my book came to me at night. I almost called them realizations, coz they would come so strongly, wake me up and I realized that I just had to jot them down. Later, I realized what I was jotting down could actually inspire someone and hence the book.See ideas sometime don’t come from someone, they come through someone… because sometimes even I read my own book and am awed or inspired. Also, the process of releasing them is something quite special and miraculous at the same time. Sometimes involving a lot of energy. That’s the intricate part that most people want to know but do not fully comprehend. It is also the part that most people want to connect to.

So I had began writing from high school… just that I did not know the publishing process after that. I hence have a lot more books in store and in me.

Am glad I met my mentor, JK who also wrote the foreword of my book. He is the one who simplified the entire process for me. I am forever grateful to him.

I also got to see that a lot of people are authors, young and old, but they simply lack the structure and framework of how to organize their thoughts and the information on the fundamental steps of the publishing process, particularly the self publishing process in the case of Kenya of course, which I find to be more applicable for authors writing inspiration or self-help books, fiction or the likes.

Education based is better to use a publishing house of course, because they will narrow down and capture the target market better.

I seek to change this in my country, because I believe as long as you have a talent, then the world has space for it and we are all born gifted by our Lord no?

So I pray to change the authors scene in my country. I am already in the process because have a program that am about to launch to train like-minded people as myself.

If you would like a one on one coaching on how to write your first book or insights on better book writing even if you already have your first book out, do contact me for some consultancy on with the title, My book journey- then your 2 names to follow. This is to enable me to easily search for you in case I have a lot of emails backlog.

For now ciao. See you at the very top grasshoppers. Let’s rise together.

Everyone is a book. Let’s write you -TheQuotistke.




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