I don’t date guys who stay along Thika Road

What happens in the salons?

“I don’t date lawyers…” one goes. Lawyers are liars, all of them. Kwanza there is one whom we met once, he gave me his card, then when we got in touch, he told me he loved me but stood me up on two dates. That was when I was done.

“That same story applies to guys who stay on Thika road.” Another jumps in. “I don’t date guys who stay along Thika road. They are defocused and womanizers. All the guys who have ever lied to me just happened to be staying on Thika road.

The first lady|: “Heoooooooooo what a coincidence, the Lawyer guy used to stay at Mirema.”

Everrryone in the salon laughs.

”Well for me, I don’t date guys who own Subaru’s. Especially if he is young. Huwa hawana doo. They just over budget and yet are paying for those cars on loans. They buy them to show off hence end up being stingy. A-a I cannot deal please.”

Men, if you have been stereotyped, just know it happens often than not. So you might have to put your best foot forward next time you approach a lady to drop some lines yet you’re coming from these places (or anywhere else) or owning such cars, or being in certain careers or such and such.

P.s We do look at your shoes and watches.

That will be all for now folks.

Na madame wa Buru, sijui niliskia machali wengine hapo wakisema muko aje :O

Hmm… this categorizing and stereotyping is kinda too much right ladies and gents. Half-truths perhaps?

Anyway… let’s meet next time in the salon.

A Bientot.

Muthoni Kirumba

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