“Billions of money have been embezzled via the dam project,” the news reporter remarked, “the following are the unscrupulous government officials suspected to have participated in the…”

Before she even finished, the old cranky man who always had something to say about everything spat on the ground remarking in sheer and stark anger, “These politicians will finish us. When will they ever stop stealing from wanjiku in broad daylight?” He almost tripped as he churned his nuts passionately while together with his workmates they strolled back to the office to push through yet another boring, routine day.

One of the youngest gentleman in their entourage, who was typically vibrant about the enigma of life began to speak. What he remarked in just a few paragraphs left everyone in a deep train of thought. “Look at the mavericks of the world. The virtuosos in their spheres of influence. Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and the young Mark Zuckerberg. What seems to be the one dominant characteristic making them to top in terms of riches? and am not talking about wealth here. Am talking about liquid cash, assets and flourishing companies. Am talking about actual riches… money.”

“His colleagues gave a number of guesses, from living a disciplined life to the fact that, they live in the West hence are more economically empowered to the fact that they have better leaders in those sides and regulations and systems that are much more efficient and fast. Some answers bordered to almost correct, whereas some well…

For example, leadership is quite a universal challenge. He continued to prompt them saying,
“What about remarkable women, like our own Lupita Nyong’o who broke such barriers to transcend to heights unmatchable? What about Edi Gathegi who has been in the Hollywood scene now for quite some time? And this is only in the actors/actress arena, I haven’t even crossed over to other fields.

See the single most dominant factor that these geniuses focus on is INNOVATION. I  mean, look at the innovation of young Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard dropout by the way. His simple creation revolutionized the communication, marketing and advertisement scene, placing him at the crème de la crème level of the world’s richest. Same applies to Richard Branson with his revolutionary virgin companies. Lupita on the other hand constantly challenged her talent until it was recognized internationally. Wherever she came from, she believed her dream was valid, and it was.

To those stealing and embezzling public funds, they are just stupid because those are not true riches. Neither will your names ever be listed with the worldwide topmost performers andachievers, akina Jeff bezos, you know.

Aye, if you desire to be truly rich, in a worldwide context, and fast, simply innovate. Come up with an invention that will serve a universal need. Heavens, you could end or significantly reduce world hunger, world disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes or even better the way healthcare is carried out universally,- IN FACT maybe one of those rogue government officials can discover the cure for cancer… yet all you can think of is ‘How to embark on the next steal?” Then? The DCI catches you? You tarnish your brand? Your own children are ashamed of you and themselves?

Just innovate. Sigh. Just do it.

The young man was looked at in a different light as they approached the office premises.

Even the old man who argued about everything including a fly passing by remarked, “You are the leader of today young man. You have thought like a hundred people. Am assured that if someone as young as you are can ponder to this extent of intelligence, then there is hope for our country.”

These 3 ladies who are high school juniors from Washington, D.C. made it to the final round of  NASA’s high-school science competition despite being trolled on the internet by racist trolls. Racism is real but you ladies be legit, and thats even real-er. Wishing you all the best ladies.


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