Just for a moment…..

At this point in time, there is a bit of tension in my country. A countrydesign, even LEADERSHIP in many other different dimensions….. call it as you may.

So, the country is on a temporary standstill basically but I post this blog-post to inspire someone even for just a second.

To tell you everything is gonna be alright. For just a moment immerse your mind in these hues, deep colors & tones and know that we will be back in the game soon…. slaying… playing… cutting fabric…. fitting…. making people happy, being happy.

And for the other passions and adrenaline activities, building; nursing; giving; sharing; preaching; travelling; cooking; playing games, chess- golf… basket ball,;dancing; loving — living.

So for just a moment immerse yourself in this blogpost. Enjoy. Coz just in a moment you shall be back to what you love, so God help us all.

The fabric… I call it wife material. It seems to suit a hot kinda wife with some chic style and an African traditional touch… that is for the dress worn by starring MuthoniKirumba. The other work by starring Winnie Mwea is a chic style for the runway or a gala dinner where you would want to be elegant but chic.

Enjoy the photos by @pearl_studios on instagram. Makeup was done by : @grace_wamwitha_artistry

And we shall thank our Almighty God.

With what I have, I too am an icon of peace, like #githeriman (respect bruh)… mine is a fashion and blogging platform, what is yours?
With what you have, you too are an icon of peace.

Starrings: Muthoni Kirumba(Fashion Designer) & Winnie Mwea (Model)
Fabric: Wife material

Black goes well to blend in this outfit. MK’s shoes are comfy, chic studded wedges and as for Winnie Mwea, classy heels to pair well the creative red-carpet outfit.

suggestive look- totally.

Designers instinct


Picture her on the red carpet…. slaying!!!

Fine bootie 😉


Muthoni Kirumba.



Muthoni Kirumba

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