Luxury Moet et Chandon Royal Nectar Imperial Treatment

It was an honor to be one of the few selected key lifestyle bloggers to be nominated for the Royal Moët Nectar Treatment and to be invited to the exclusive VIP event to launch the Nectar Impérial champagne in Kenya. We were treated to a pre-tasting of the Nectar Impérial drink by the luxury champagne house Moët & Chandon.

The event was graced by Alexandre Helaine, Moët Hennessey Marketing manager of Eastern Africa, Kenyan top lifestyle and fashion blogger Lucia Musau and of course a number of significantly interesting bloggers who made the night even more endearing and true to the trending hashtags #CelebrateTheNow and #MoetMoment. The remarks of “cheers” repeatedly resounded in the midst of the toasting of the shiny golden branded Moët glasses and suggestive smiles as we danced the night away.

From time immemorial, the Moët & Chandon maison always seeks to surpass the expectations of its top-notch clientele. That is exactly what they did with this new fantastic brand. Additionally, it is consciously spreading positive vibes around the globe with its energetic and inspiring message of acknowledging ones’ simplest milestones at the exact moment when they happen. Essentially, not taking a single moment for granted and celebrating THE NOW. This is without doubt very important in life.

Just as the name suggests, I particularly found this new brand to have a sweeter taste than the other Moët champagnes that I have tasted; the likes of the iconic Moët Impérial to the extroverted Rosé Impérial. Champagne is bubbly as we all know or can imagine. Amidst the bubbliness is a sweet distinct taste and an exquisite touch of a classic memorable aroma all bundled in one bottle. I would generally describe it as a fun taste in between the bubbliness and sweetness clearly coming out to mark the experience of the moment and draw forth a memorable encounter.

This is definitely a drink to be shared and not to be indulged in alone as it sets the party and celebratory mode in motion.  Life is a sure thrill in the moment and classic moments should not be left to pass by unmarked. One of the ways to do so is indeed to pop open a bottle of champagne and toast the night away. That is precisely what we did on this particular day. This description clearly depicts the name ‘Nectar Impérial’ champagne drink; And yes you do feel like a king or queen the first instance you sample the drink. That is why it was an amazing idea to crown ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ in Kenya using this drink and the #CelebrateTheNow notion as the main echoes in the new lifestyle campaign. It all absolutely fits the ‘imperial’ purpose.

Do enjoy the pictures and do not forget to grab a bottle of this exquisite drink as you commemorate the special events of your life with your friends and loved ones.

Sip nice & slow so as to discover the real taste. Don’t be in a rush when taking it. *wink*

~ Be bold. Be generous. Be classy. #CelebrateTheNow #MoetMoment. Cheers!!!

Muthoni Kirumba

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