Max the mad chimp

Max took the stones and was about to throw them at us when the tour guide asked if any of us had a sweet. Fortunately one of us had a lollipop and had to surrender their sweetness.

“Lete mawe Max, lete,” He commanded Max as he showed him the lollipop.

He complied and threw the stones over the fence. He later got his reward, … else.

We be like, thank God one of us had carried a lollipop. You never know when that stuff can become in handy, eigh—.

Max seemed to be entertained by the fact that we were passionately ducking to save our dear lives, so next he held a big chunk of his poop and wanted to shower us with it.

Chimps have the strength 3 times that of an average human male, or should I say homo sapien sapien. They also possess quite a high IQ. They behave quite like humans; only difference being that their mannerisms are quite haphazard. I mean, they go to the extent of even raping women. We were also told the tale of a lady who was slapped by one of the mad chimps and the imprint of the chimps arm remains on her face till today. What about the lady minister who got the poop surprise and ended up going home smelling, wellllll, not too appealing. Actually not appealing at all :/ and also not happy.

We were told they despised Africans because the Africans poached and mistreated them. They preferred wazungus who ensured to save their species. Wazungus usually treat animals like their own children. With so much love and kindness. Am sure you have heard tales of chicken and dogs inheriting massive empires abroad. Hapa back home, tujikute, lol. In luhya land, chicken is a stark delicacy. No one can fathom it ruling over them, aisee.

After the chimp adventure, and sure enough it was an adventure (with diving into the ground and all), we got into our totally cool van and headed to the Ol Pejeta Old House Accomodation Facilty. Unfortunately, they told us they had guests so we could not explore the area. I for one, thought that was just bias, weren’t we also guests? Or we would block the sun for the guests of theirs who were basking in their rooms? Thee ironies..……. Chiiiillllllllld. These are just the sad experiences that make local tourism a bunch harder. Either way, we were determined to have a jolly good time no matter what.

               Hakuna matata bana!!!

It suddenly began to rain and we grabbed our umbrellas enroute lunch. Then after we visited Ray the Rhino and Sudan, the last male white rhinos’ grave.

Now here’s a point to laugh at. I actually expected the white Rhino to be literally ‘white’ in color. Guess how ‘shook’ I was when we were told the difference between the white and black rhino species was that the white Rhino actually just had a wider mouth. The tour guide told us that the maasai called the ‘wide-mouthed’ Rhino white and it just caught on.

The different types of skeletons looked interesting, especially for the lion which interlocked. We were told that, that is what made it the strong animal that it is because of it’s bone structure. The one for the tall-necked giraffe and also the big fat bones of the elephant were intriguing. We did not miss to see different types of archived poops. You heard me right, poop. For the gazelle, Elephant (obviously the most humongous, followed by that of the buffalo), the zebras, the lions, even for the beetle. As we continued touring the conservancy, we laughed as we did guess games of the different kinds of poops we met along our path.

On our game drive, we searched for the various animals in the 90000 acre reserve and our eyes were blessed with the sight of beautiful maasai giraffes upclose and the big 4, except the cheetah.

Cake. How could I forget that there was cake. Our tours and travel organizer from @easemysafari always brings cake in his trips to celebrate, in this case, the Feb birthday babies. Unique experience right.

At about 0530hours we were set for home. We were left with pictures of adventure rolling in our minds akin to those old school film cassettes. It was a warm yet thrilling filling. Maasai Rhinos, max the chimp, the calm lioness, guinea fowl and quails with their queer running style and of course various animal poop. Interesting to the core, aye!!!


Ng’ombe za Museveni being showered in the rain 😀

The day flashed beautifully in our minds as we reminisced the good thoughts, good vibes and good people.

Where’s your next travel destination in Kenya? #Countrycode 254

At the equator (0,0)

Oh and our driver was a chic. Wagwan!!!

Thank you @easemysafari for a splendid day. All am looking forward to is the next trip loading…



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