Moet et Chandon apres-midi delight

Moët & Chandon Global Brand Ambassador, Mr Pierre-Louis Araud, made his second official trip to Kenya this week. Mr Araud is a connoisseur of luxury and celebration and he comes to Kenya in a bid to share Jean-Remy Moët’s lifelong goal, in his own words: “To share the magic of champagne with the world.”

Together with the Mr Alexandre Helaine, the Moët Hennessy Eastern Africa Market Manager, Mr Araud met with honoured guests at the prestigious Fairmont Norfork hotel for an afternoon delight experience which gave all the attendees an immersion into the rich heritage, finesse and sophistication of Maison Moët & Chandon.

Speaking at the luncheon Mr Araud noted that “Kenya for Moët & Chandon House represents the future in Africa. We deeply believe that soon Kenya will be in the top three markets in Africa together with Nigeria and South Africa”.  “I really feel great energy in Nairobi and Kenya in general,” he added. “I feel this great sense of celebration and savoir-fete and that is at the center of our DNA.”

For nearly three centuries, Moët & Chandon has been an international icon – a worldwide symbol of style, achievement and the overflowing joy of victory. Imparting its elegance and splendour, the effervescence of Moët & Chandon transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. From the winner’s podium to the red carpet, the christening of ships with bottles of Moët & Chandon,  celebrating incredible athletic accomplishments to the world’s most prestigious cinema awards, Moët & Chandon elevates every occasion with its own special touch of success and glamour.

Now, enjoying some champagne on a Wednesday afternoon comes as a luxury to many in the city of Nairobi but again, Monsieur Pierre demystified the whole notion by remarking that “each moment is unique as long as one has the special people to share it with.” Life is beautiful, so pop a bottle of champagne, celebrate and enjoy the moment. Simple.

The event was colorfully donned by happy faces dressed in pastels that resembled the champagne ensembles. Pictures were taken to mark the memoirs (and included amazing pink umbrellas as props), bottles of Möet brute, rose and nectar were popped and there was even dancing along as everyone married their glasses in unison remarking ‘cheers’ and a cheerful time it was indeed. The violinist present just added to the flavor of the afternoon by serenading the tunes of the songs with his prowess on his instrument entourage.

Muthoni Kirumba( Author, fashion designer & lifestyle blogger) and Monsieur PierreLouisAraud- Global brand ambassador, Moet et Chandon

Mwende Ngao & Muthoni Kirumba- Lifestyle bloggers

All branded pics by: @perixel

Monsieur Pierre Louis Araud, Diana Machira Fashion Blogger, Luxury PR Consultant Lucia Musau, Market Manager Eastern Africa Moet Hennessy Alexandre Helaine, Aulgah Nato of Nato Design, Sheila Mwanyiga- public figure.

Lynette Muthoni of ReelForge

Lady Mandy

Nanna Adede PR Assistant African Elite Group

Scott the Violinist

Serah Teshna of K24, Judy Gitau First Lady of Kiza Restaurant and Neomi Ng’ang’a

Ken Maina, Monica Kiragu, Amina Kenya, Nailantei Kenga and Aulgah Nato

suggestive look 😉

Simon and Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures

So champagne is usually bubbly…;)

In the twilight of the evening, all guests departed to their various abodes with smiles on their faces, delight in their hearts, and joy of marking yet another spectacular, fantastic and remarkable #moetmoment. Salute & Cheers! or as they say in French à votre santé.


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