Post Valz post ~because every month is that of love,
Best advice I can give single ladies and single men today is, “Do not awaken love before it well pleases.” This is one of the toughest aspects to follow when single yet Love is not a feeling or emotion. It is much more powerful. It is an action; and it is so powerful that if you chase it or misuse it it can burn your heart and soul so bad beyond recovery & you might be paralyzed in love instead of basking in it. It is an act of so much energy and passion so that even when it comes upon you, truly, you cannot comprehend it at one go. You have to grow into it letting it nurture you into its complexities and simplicity all at the same time. So never chase Love or if you have been doing so stop. Let it come to you at the right time. Yes, it also has the ability to know the time when you are ready to receive it because true love is wise and WISDOM only comes from GOD.
Happy Valentine’s month,

Song dedication:Ed Sheeran’s Kiss me if you wanna be loved.

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