Razzmatazz – that was the word of the day at our early birds toastmasters club meeting today! Wanna know what it means? Google my fren’ haha!

“Toastmasters international – have you heard of it?” I asked my courteous Uber driver as he drove me to the venue while implying how early it was.

Not related to the story- Uber Kenya was on a strike due to poor percentage payments. We talked about it. He shared with me that he has a family to take care of and hence could not blend in with the others wholly- that is with regard to the strike. He had gotten up very early and was at it from 3am so as to reduce his operation during the day when his colleagues would be rather energized in pushing forward the cause.

“Taxify and little cab receive only a 15% cut, we uber drivers a 25% cut. They have however striked with us in solidarity. It’s supposed to be a 14 day strike hoping some action will be taken by the company.”

I had gotten an uber select at no extra cost due to all this rummage. He was a beauty but do I say, leg space nayo… because I always use those lil’ chapchaps. No sooner had we began delving deeper into our conversation, including how the Kenyan politics has affected us as a nation, with leaders who don’t care a shiznit than we had arrived at Lutheran. I paid via Mpesa adding a little on top- pesa ya kutoa.


I was the ah-counter. My role entailed highlighting the use of inappropriate words and fillers such as ah, er, ummh, and, well, so, you know.

The speeches were so enticing.

Prison Break. That was one of the titles.

“Have you ever been in prison? Or visited prison?” He began

“How many of you have thought of social media as a prison? Spending hours there looking at people live their lives however they do, then comparing them to yourself?”

What about alcohol? He confessed to being an alcoholic. He could shake and not be able to do anything before taking some, every single day. “That’s when you know issa problem and you sure have to quit.”

“Relationship abuse is also a prison. Domestic violence in Kenya reflects worldwide statistics in that women are the overwhelming majority of victims. Over 40% of married women in Kenya have reported being victims of either domestic violence or sexual abuse. Statistics also state from the abused, 70 percent end up dying, 42% being women.” He continued.

It was a knowledgeable but also a time of reflection as we had to reflect on the prisons many of us were in but just didn’t call them by that name.

Wanja gave a twist to the famous adage coined YOLO… you only live once. She said You only die once and for all the other days we are living, so we should explore the thrill that is life itself, amidst the fears we may have. Her story of camping and a big elephant almost trampling on her ‘little self’ only to not so because they are brisk in how they walk, was captivating. We only die once, wow-ever thought of it this way?

Then our dear ice-breaker spoke about wine. There is so much to learn about wine. How to refine it; the fermentation and pressing process and the different types of wine.

This is all between 6.30 and 7.30am. What a tantalizing, razzle dazzling, razzmatazzing Wednesday morning.

I have learnt a new word, gotten inspired- and you see it’s how the speeches were delivered… being there is different. It’s real time. A breath of fresh air.

I encourage you to join a space such as this where you are encouraged to #BE.

I compare this day to a windmill. I feel fanned by the early morning event to produce energy for the day.

What a powerful way to start my morning…

How did you start yours?

EOB: Very productive day. Checkmate.



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