She is beautiful, attractive, impressive – am inlove.

UGANDA, RWANDA, DRC – 3trips, 1 vacay: Eastern Africa roundtrip!!!
The moment I saw her, I fell in love. It was true love at first sight. She was fresh and pure. Her sight, – breathtaking. Her view!!! Beyond imagination. Skin nayo- smooth. Her courtesy, her journey, her security…her… everything about her was remarkably beautiful to the core! Even though she was ‘green’ as ever, I still loved her. In fact, I loved her even more- because she is green!!! Her name: Rwanda and even though am back to back in and out of relationships with Kenya, I fell in love with her at first impulse!!!

Land of a thousand hills. Never before had I visited. I just remember my younger sister visiting with USIU campus as it was mandatory trip for her course, international relations, and when she came back home, allll she could sing about was how she was going back to Rwanda. We all wondered why?! They passed via UG. It was a long bus journey. Her legs got swollen. We also actually passed via UG and stayed there for some days. My lovely friend Samalie hosted us in terms of showing us around specifically,-where to buy jeans, educating us about UG – or rather telling us to constantly watch our bags or put our phones away in case we wanted to be robbed- (from the horrifying stories I heard, I estimated the crime rate in Uganda to be three times that of Kenya. If even the boda, uber drivers can rob you and the hotel you’re in can call someone on you- heeee. Banange ooo!).Samalie, my Toro babe, ensured we had fun. We had a three hour drive to a place called Luwero where we jumped on a trampoline and I zip-lined for the very first time! I took a whole 20 minutes to climb up the rope stair thingy and another 20 minutes before I went down on the zip-line! At the end, we would hit a giant rubber landing with a thud! It went like ‘thud!’. Actually, it was more of THUD! Hehehe.
Faced that fear exclusively,,, after I was done, I rushed back for round 2! I wondered what in the world I was even fearing. Fear is really such a fake thing.

So its 2020 guys…. Those of you fearing eye brow threading and bikini waxes, just go! Just do it ooo! Well not now,,, coz when am posting this, ‘rona’ be all up in our lives and on our faces but this too shall pass. Amen!
By the last day, midnight 2019, we exited for Rwa. The moment we got into Rwa, we began to feel the difference. Assured! The fresh air. The courtesy even of people at the border control! Imagine the cop at the Uganda border control was so rude to me, asking me stupid stuff nkt! Then we cross over and voila! We were looking for a lost bag from the bus packaging area and the gentleman even apologized for keeping us or causing any inconvenience! Wauuuuu- I was healed instantly from the rudeness on the other side! I loved it that we were in the bus. Dawn was just knocking and we began to see how forested the area is. I also saw a terrace or was it gabion (#agriculture ya standard 4 please!) hehe. So trees, upon trees, upon trees. Then houses that are humble but so well constructed! Then more trees! Fresh air! Calmness! We didn’t know what we were in for, a total love affair!
My travel belle immediately noticed something peculiar when we got to the city centre! The bodaboda guys all had helmets and a second helmet for their passengers. I was not alarmed at all because I do not use bodabodas in Nairobi, I usually uber! Later in our trip, I would feel the bodaboda effect as we sort of used them all around. They were affordable and safe and a lot of people in Rwa were using them. While getting off from one of them I got a scald. It was not too bad though but water collected there and I had to be careful with it so as not to make it worse. For the rest of the trip, I wore short, shorts and dresses being very careful not to get a second degree scald! Oi!
I got the scald as we were heading to Gisenyi, where lake Kivu is situated. The place was amazing, amazing, amazing. Absolutely beautiful and serene.

We stayed at Maison St.Benoit and the food they cooked for us! Oh. Imagine I was 59.9 kilos in UG –( got measured at the trampoline section as they do not allow anyone who is more than 85 kilos). By the time I came back to Kenya I was 60.7 kilos. That’s when I knew Rwa did me too well, including the men sight-seeing! I also got to comprehend ‘vitu kwa grao ni different.’ ~ Kenyan proverb. Currently on a 3day juice fat and have cut off carbohydrates from my diet. I wanna lose 5 kilos if not 7 and I want abs. This is sooo happening. Also currently craving pizza! Haha!
We crossed over to Goma, The Congo for a day and I’ll just say their biryani is as good as their French but the security is another story!

The UN was all over GOMA so we felt kinda safe, but we couldn’t wait to go back to Rwa. There is also the Ebola scare you know…brr. Congo is beautiful though, so I hear, but, best to go there when you have a guide and someone who knows the landscape, culture and curfews super, duper well! I hear their clubz zimeweza though, and that they have mirrors for people to look at themselves when they dance. We didn’t go deep down into Congo though due to the security issues.
Coming back home, it was a headache to see the trash all over when I returned back to work on Tuesday. Then the ranting politicians. And I don’t even know what that BBI report says.
Oh well, home sweet home.
Rwanda, you were love at first sight. I just fell inlove with you when I met you. Counting down to when ill see you again.

Muthoni Kirumba.


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