“She’s gone.”
“She’s g-o-n-e.”
“She was on the flight… Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737. Why have you taken our daughter cruel world? Why does the air keep snatching our children. Their son had also died in a plane crash 3 years ago.
Bereavement is the optimum of sadness in life. When you lose a loved one never to see them again, you feel like you want to go with them to the land of the unknown instead of staying alive because at that juncture, nothing makes sense. You feel like you could have talked to them more, hugged them longer or even just never left their side. Either way, and sadly to say; death is a marked time on everyone’s calendar never to be procrastinated. It’s a sure time and it’s a time that knows no man. Whether you are high & mighty or a commoner amongst the hoi polloi, once the grip of death catches you, you cannot escape. It’s a done deal.

The world is full of vices. From corruption, theft & robberies to sheer strife😔. The city council the other day just killed a hawker and sadly nothing will be done to the perpetrators. The corrupt government officials have embezzled billions of the taxpayers money and “the matter is still under investigation.”

All these are disheartening…
but this is my take… if the world would have been perfect, then there would be no place for God. We people wouldn’t pray.We wouldn’t value a good deed(s). We wouldn’t even….

Also, picture this scenario, all this life of ours that we call long, in the eyes of God is a mere blink of an eye or snap of a finger. He sees generations come and go by mere blinks.

So thinking within these lines…. I hope it helps us to comprehend a bit about the cares of life. They’re temporary. God is in control & time will heal all wounds.

Most people seek jobs in order to earn a living. Yet there’s the 1% we all keep speaking ’bout. What if we were all in that 1% bracket? Would anyone care to work? Who would serve the tea of the other one percenter? Who would wash the house? I mean, you get… everyone would be so bougiee so no one would be that person at the supermarket or the gateman or the mama selling nyanyas. There would be an imbalance in the world and hence there would be no place for God because He would just be sidelined.

It is written in the Bible, it is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven; (Matthew 19:24).

Cars get old & new ones are bought. People buy big homes then later sell them off. New shoes later wear off and are thrown in the gutter.

Also with regard to this, we think that we work so hard and that is why we become rich and are probably better off than others, but that is not really the point. Have you ever been in a fix financially, you do not know where rent or school fees will come from, or how you will pay for a hospital bill then something miraculous just happens. Suddenly, you can now pay for it. Maybe you discover that there was some money in your account that you didn’t know of. Or a client just walks into your shop and buys good worth enough to pay rent for even three months… Or someone just MPESA’s you saying, I just felt I should send you this money or someone who had your debt five years back now decides to pay you.
See it is God who provides, it is not our jobs. Money can be there and disappear in split seconds, for example in case of a dire health condition… but God is present, capable and able. He has a place in it and if we have good hearts and seek Him and give Him His place, He reigns.
How do you explain a widow raising five kids by herself with just a simple job? And they live comfortably and grow to be remarkable people in society and are blessed to get good jobs or start profitable businesses and even help their mother in future.
How do the street kids survive? When it’s raining and the rest are tucked in bed? There is an answer for this in the Bible : “And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing (Matthew :28).” God takes care of these street urchins because He cares for us all. What happens when they fall ill? Only god knows, since they truly cannot afford medical care, but they survive. How do the pregnant ones give birth and where even? Again, the miracles of God prevail.
Once I watch a documentary of a mother selling her virgin daughter as a sex slave so that she gets money to feed her other children. This is in Cambodia. I sat sadly and asked myself, how can this happen? This is heartless? Then in sort of a whisper, an answer just came to me. So that there is a place for God. If there was not such cruelty in this world, there would be an imbalance. People who live in places where they do not have to be sold to sex to survive would never appreciate that.

Life is short but God is good. God is actually great. Take heart, hang in there. It’s all in Babas hands. He who does not sleep neither slumber.
God is always God.

Make a place for Him for there’s already a place for Him, even if sometimes manifested via adversity. He shows us He is above it all by bringing us through.

So next time you see something really despairing, remember there’s a place for God, call Him through and He will surely come through and deliver you from the situation or take you through. Give Him His place in the situation… His place being available could be the reason why the situation is even happening & He just wants you to seek Him.  Remember, He is above all such situations. He knows all, sees all and is all.

Sending out love & prayers to anyone going through a tough situation, May you have the strength to seek God & May He richly comfort you.

Muthoni K.
Song Dedication: If God had a name by Joan Osborne


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