Success As You Head To New Horizons


“Success to new horizons,” I always wish this to my friends embarking on new endeavors. Now, I would like to wish this to myself, a new personal brand, Unique Muthoni Kirumba (UniqueMK). See we are all unique in our own special ways but deciding to become a personal brand is what has made me add Unique to my new brand name. You know like when a new singer comes into the industry. This new blog is about my life, my story, my journey, thoughts, business, travel, basically aspects of lifestyle and I hope you will be inspired, informed and feel like a winner each time you peruse my articles.

At one of the murkiest moments in my life, when I have lost a large amount of my financial edge; just when I had decided to take all of my business ventures to the next level, I lost everything ‘financial’ through an unfortunate fraud circumstance. Fortunately, I bless the Lord because I am a bit down but not out. I do not have all the resources I need to accomplish my tasks but I have some. I definitely do not have the finances but I am sure skilled and talented and my positivity is my edge. I want to thank God too for blessing me with the gift of inner peace because despite all this, I have peace inside my soul and that, ooh, that is one of the greatest internal powers one can exhibit. This peace I cannot truly comprehend. With INNER PEACE one can move mountains.

I also thank God for the gift of friendship. I have just received the gift of this blog from my friend, Joel on apparently valentines day. I mean, look at it. It is so beautiful and I plan to fill it with beautiful inspiring words and stories that will encourage and uplift souls. He is more than a friend but an angel sent from God indeed. You know those people who just step into your life at the lowest point and bring so much HOPE such that you yourself are coerced to succumb to the positivity?

Joel, thank you so much for the priceless gift of genuine friendship you have offered me from the very first day we met and for the gift of this gorgeous, gorgeous ( yes I said it twice) blog. Thank you for your professionalism as you sat down and listened carefully to my client needs and also advised me on what to select and what not to. Thank you for your creativity, hard work and hope that you constantly give me; for believing in me. You are a true friend. May the destiny of your life come to pass. Thank you for being you and ultimately, may God bless you always.

As for me, success as I head to my new horizons. I am definitely going into more travel expeditions and interesting excursions locally and internationally. Partnerships businesswise. Innovation. My style expression and fashion generally. New and unique product developments. Over and above all inspiration.

So why a new blog?

I have always been a writer. I used to garner position 1 all over Nairobi in the primary school creative writing competitions. I am a great advocate for “Talent in Action,” so I cannot let my God-given talent just fade and die.

In high school and campus, I did not do much to nurture my writing skills though I endeavored to complete a book I began after campus. I hope to accomplish this goal. I will push to accomplish this goal.

The second reason is because, as part of my destiny I know I was born to inspire. I desire to build an EMPIRE OF INSPIRATION. With the same inspiration I have received from my Father in Heaven, friends and loved ones and even haters, (yes); I desire to pass by to anyone who may pass by my blog either for inspiration, entertainment or even encouragement; Through the good times and bad times, tougher than rough times.

I also desire to spark up some creative pieces; a bit of fiction & thrill, so God help me so as this is the onset of a new personal brand, God’s brand. May God bless the work of my hands, mind and heart, this I pray.

My stories are my legacy and if you are part of my story in any way (reading, as a character, sharing, critiquing, criticizing, commenting), then you are part of my legacy.

Quote of the day: (especially if you are starting something new)…
“Success as you head to new horizons and always remember you can curve out your horizons”

P.S Joel Muiruri is a professional web-designer and founder of his own companies ( and


~Muthoni K.

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