Sir. George Tafaria (a name with masaai origin) has surely become an inspiration to me. He left the corporate world to pursue his dream of building a castle in his mother’s land and he did. Wow! (pause) Pause again just for a moment and think of the turning point in his life? Can you think of how he was battling whether to leave the consistent salary at the end of the month or to go and venture into a dream that might or might not work. Think about the challenges he was bound to face in terms of finances, the terrain, the structure…the whole idea. How many of us are facing such a case scenario? How many of us feel stuck yet at the same time we know deep down inside what we need to do?

The Quotistke: It is good to be safe in life but sometimes it is necessary to take a risk. (Or you may never discover your true potential).

I got the opportunity to travel to this beautiful castle courtesy @easemysafari. It was not only an amazing trip and day well spent, it was enlightening and inspiring. First time I was in a castle was during my trip to Slovenia, Europe where castles originated of course; but having a castle right here at home in Kenya just amazes my persona and challenges my talent-mind in terms of what Kenyans can do and achieve.
I bring you raw scenes of the trip as we journeyed into not only a journey but a story to be told. It is so raw because we had all dressed down completely… besides it was a Saturday. Everyone likes seeing the real and natural side of things I bet;)

Early Saturday morning we left for Nanyuki. We had a stopover at the rift-valley View point for some photos and warm-up exercises.

A total photo galore I tell you….

Along the way we saw some beautiful zebras who do not like photo shoots so they ran off. 😀 😀 😀 If they only knew what wonderful coats they could make with their skin… and then there would be no running away from the fashion paparazzi.

Its a political time in Kenya so…of course the country is painted red and orange. The ladies requested this poster to be snapped though;)

You have the ladies votes sir;) and not only in the primaries…

Stopover… very important in any roadtrip.


We passed by Thomsons fall and went for a brief hike as well while there.

Yer these guys are not creepy at all, so we all decided to take a snapshot with them… But you ‘chotea for them, hawajavaa hivyo bure.

No sooner had we realized than we had arrived at Tafaria. My mouth reflexed into an ‘o’ at the sheer amazement of the place. So well thought of, so vintage, so intricate, so creative.

We were welcomed with utmost hospitality upon arrival with fresh juice that was already served. We had a tour of the castle and the intricate details became revealed to us. There were Vikings, dungeons, horses even the names on the doors took you to a world of tales. We totally felt like we were in reign or game of thrones season one (Those who had watched it remarked).

Some of the bedrooms…

After the castle tour, we were taken to the dining house as it was already one o’clock- I can’t call it room surely.

It was humongous and again the vintage architectural style immersed a person to the ‘tene na tene mno’ ages. Wa- is this how the flinstones felt in the stone age period?
Aligned was a 5 course meal set up in a beautiful display array. The men serving us were quite good-looking I must say, (this is all me ladies and gentlemen)…haha. In short, everything and everyone looked great.

We enjoyed lunch and immediately set off for the afternoon activities. We had team-building activities and exercise.

Well, it is always good to learn how to work in a team plus, breaking the ice was necessary as we came from different walks of life (literally speaking).Swimming was next and guys spent quite some time in the pool despite it being freaking freezing cold. I didn’t swim- gotcha get off of that phobia.

Next and my favourite, horse riding. Some people played football and rode the bicycles while the horses were saddled. The rides were quite short, I mean, just around the castle; but then again it was already late, the weather had started to change and we needed to head back to Nairobi which was over 4hours away from where we were.

I just wanted to take photos of everywhere because each place, item or person had a story to be told. Am telling you my friends, intricate details of everything. The beds were of (back) carriage design. The reception- (front) carriage designs. The staff were dressed in attires to match the whole theme. I suddenly began to have queen and princess vibez as I imagined how it would have been if all these were real. I remembered princess diaries- the movies. I remarked because someone did live this kind of life in ancient times.

What inspired me the most, apart from the whole castle that is, (haha) was this book titled ‘Once upon a dream.’ It is a poetic trance of how George Tafaria came to build the castle. Behind however, there are about two pages written in continous prose. Understanding the origin or a place or passion enriches ones knowledge and sparks action. That is in my case anyway. He narrates the challenges he encountered, not so long ago, in 2008 when he set off to begin excavation and construction. Water shortage. Finances. So many but he decided he must over come all of them and he did. Once upon a dream was a dream no more but a castle. His castle. A vision come true.
Whats your life’s biggest dream? What challenges are you facing in pursuing it? Have you even embarked on executing it? Who told you you cannot overcome whatever challenge life throws your way. I told myself, “George Tafaria did it, I must achieve my dreams too.” I have already taken a pen and paper and I am back on the drawing board, have you?
Visit Tafaria castle courtesy @easemysafari and be inspired.
My life is not the same, I assure you. This is my tale of Tafaria. Which is yours, friend?
Quotistke: Dare to follow your internal drumbeat ~George Tafaria.






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