Well, here we are again, this time a fairy tale story – The Crystal Ball Fell. Well, well. Guardian angels are in the mix too. Woah:o. They protect us in our daily lives – Emissaries of love and hope. It is said by some Christian scholars that if we were to be shown the spiritual realm, none of us would survive. Do you know the spiritual battles God fights for you, solely, each day? For me? For us?

The devil is at work in hell, his mantra: steal, KILL and destroy. Even when we cross the road, sit on a chair or travel safely from point A to B, we shouldn’t take it for granted because God is also powerfully at work, enabling these events to flow swiftly.

Here goes the irony, – I couldn’t sit on a chair when I wrote this book.


I was unwell to the core. Very. The doctors didn’t know what in the world was going on with me. The symptom that made me doubt most that I had a normal gym/golf accident was the electric shocks- well, I used to call them electric shocks but I later learnt their medical term: spasms. Now, after healing, I have mentally digested the situation and according to my analysis, I had a gym/golf injury that hit my back hard and affected my leg.

For about 2 months I was on crutches. For most part of the year, I could not be able to walk properly. Walking was characterized by pain and anguish, both emotional and physical. In that moment of disparity, I still pushed myself to finish my double concentration Masters degree thesis and this book ~ The Crystal Ball Fell.

The devil tried me with his mantra but failed drastically because I was strong willed in the Lord. He tried to steal my joy, kill my dreams and destroy my life, but the Lord shifted me to a new position, a greater one. A lovelier one. A stronger one. A beautiful one.

So yes… I finished writing the book while unwell, but one year later is when it came out because the editing process si mchezo jameni. Then the costs incurred by a self-published author, let’s just say I know what parents go through while paying for a child school fees. Oi! My cost heightened because, I can proudly say, this is the first book in Kenya with it’s own innovative custom merchandise line. From bookstands, an actual crystal ball that has fallen but has not been shattered from Egypt, a bookmark that looks like it dropped from fantasy world, an entire fashion collection that correlates with the book theme, and many more items to accompany it. Then there’s the fictional writing style of magical realism embedded in the story. Wooooah. Even I myself am impressed by this whole shebang. *wink*

The journey was long and challenging but here we are. God has truly been so, so faithful. I am amazed by the book He has written through me. You might think this is your ordinary ‘gospel book of angels’ but ….. oh! well, grab a copy and give me the feedback yourself.

How you ask? Just call 0748000820 but if you can pick it in Nairobi CBD, request to see the author for an autograph.

Also, check out the fantastic Merchandise line that has been specially designed to couple the book theme.

Don’t forget to view the book trailer on my new You Tube Channel with my lovely beb Eva, E & M Connect

Do subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.

For now, cheers, and as my international catch phrase goes:

~As the Crystal Ball Continues to fall, may you continue to rise.





Muthoni Kirumba

The author Muthoni Kirumba


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