You seek a life you cannot own
Your light & love
It can’t be seen
It can’t be heard
Cannot be felt

You cry
In every instance

You try
Every time

It was time (pause))

Inside the shadow of his arms
You hid
You broke
Each day

“This must work”
Truth will out

You began the partying,
the drinking
The church begins to point fingers
You look & stare
But the grip & hold of the high life has already prevailed

The King of Kings is in control
You lost
They lost
They asked?
No echo.
No answer.
You were gone
Gone with the wind but not with the right sail

You didn’t deserve to die
The tears of a mother, unspoken
Your dear life incomplete
The ladle no longer cradles
It has cracked, crackled & broken
No more soup by the fireplace with your sisters and grandpapa
It’s time to say goodbye

Muthoni Kirumba

The author Muthoni Kirumba

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