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There are problems and THERE ARE PROBLEMS

~Based on a true story

Wailing.Wailing loudly. Not just loud, looooouuuuudddd. I walking along Moi Avenue when a woman suddenly began wailing loudly like a siren. She held her phone in her arms. She wailed oh so loudly and the odd thing was that, she wailed as she walked along the street, from bazaar heading down along Moi Avenue.

90% of the people who saw her laughed. Others stood and stared. Others murmured in low voices remarking, “Maybe she has received very bad news.” Could be true as she held her phone in her hand. Could be death of a beloved. “But why wail while walking? Most people never have strength to even move after receiving bad news. They wail at one point.”  “Well, people react in different manners.” I was scanning the environment meticulously so that I narrate this story to you.

Some sympathized as they knew there was a thin line between sanity and insanity. Sound mind was a gift to thank God for. Indeed there are people with problems and OTHERS WITH PROBLEMS. This particular lady had MAJOR PROBLEMS as many people would be too cautious to let their reputation be tainted by moving along the street wailing. You never know where the news anchors come from. Wait, Nation Centre was right in the opposite side of Moi Avenue, so, yeah.

It did not miss to cross my mind that she could have lost all her life’s savings to some online conmen.- (Mostly Nigerians. Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in Africa. Not that my country, Kenya falls far from this vile spectrum. We have very greedy politicians in Africa generally I must say. It is a sad truth but also a FACT that I hope will change one day #Godspeed).

Some idlers of Nairobi CBD followed the woman to see where she was heading. I was following her too but only because she was heading the direction I was going as well. She disappeared in the third junction along the street and I did not see her anymore.

Further ahead, a traffic ‘kanjo’ smashes the window of an old rugged matatu as he had refused to open the door for him to enter. Don’t know what the driver had done wrong but hope the police was not forcing him to give him a bribe. Matatu drivers can be quite unreasonable as some are sometimes really high on weed or drunk driving. Like the one who caused the death of over a dozen people in an Umoineer/Train collision some years back. It was a scene that caused the idle members of Nairobi CBD to stop and stare. Never stop and stare at such incidences as it is a stunt for thieves to surround and rob you. Yeah. Am sure you have already heard of those who touch you for long and then you feel unconscious later. They are everywhere… in clubs, in the streets of Nairobi, in the banks, at events… they use some drug or juju or I don’t know exactly what. Please beware friends because the world has great good but also great evil.

As you continue to read, mark that this is the third time am writing this article. I wrote it in my phone but as I was transferring it, accidentally deleted it. Then I wrote it in my email a few minutes after deleting so that I do not forget the nitty gritties and deleted it by mistake as well. Maybe it is coz I was writing it in the dark as immediately afterwards I desired to watch Scorpion SsN 4, E 14. Happy Quinn was really angry at Toby the previous episode.

Am not tryna scare you but maybe this story is kinda jinx. Anyway…. Let me watch that series and oh, count your blessings as there are people who have REAL PROBLEMS; and thank God for your sanity, it also, is a gift.

Immediately I have finished that second last sentence, my laptop alerts me its battery is very low and the screen turns a shade darker. See what I mean.:o

TheQuotistKE : There are problems and there are PROBLEMS.




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